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Nessie, ASV
Penn Hills - Pennsylvania - Pitt

Sieviete, 50, Teļš, ilgiem attiecībam, intīma attiecības

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am an attractive, sexy and very sensual when very turned on by someone of course 5`5 125lbs black woman and mother - a grown woman thank you, to a 18 yr old son- a young man. People are always surprised to hear I’m 38 & are astonished that I have an 18 yr old also. Definitely hold my own - still attractive enough to pull young men when I’m just out and about (still sexy), so if you see the Real Beauty that I Am ( inside as well ) and can appreciate it then maybe we can try to get to know 1 another to see where it may possibly lead (if I am interested enough to give you a try of course). Always lookin for new friends ,female and male - I am not Gay don’t get confused. Just always open to meeting like minded people. NOT LOOKING TO JUMP INTO A RELATIONSHIP, LET’S GET TO KNOW ONE ANOTHER AND SEE IF WE CAN BE TRUE FRIENDS FIRST. I AM A SPIRITUAL WOMAN, DEEP THINKING AND HAVE LEARNED TO TRULY LOVE MYSELF AS I AM. I LOVE DEEP CONVERSATIONS ABOUT VIEWS ON LIFE AND THOUGHT PROVOKING VIEWS.

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Dzimšanas datums 22.04.1972
Zodiaka zīme Teļš
Dzimums Sieviete
Iepazīšanās mērķis ilgiem attiecībam, intīma attiecības
Valsts(Pilsēta) ASV
E-pasts Jums jābūt Zelts vai augstāk, lai apskatīt šo informāciju
Štats / Rajons Penn Hills - Pennsylvania - Pitt
Jūs meklējat Vīrietis
Meklētais vecums 14 - 60
Reģistrācijas datums Jums jābūt Sudrabs vai augstāk, lai apskatīt šo informāciju
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